The Real Estate Vesta Agency will estimate your property if you are a seller and give you technical advices about the renovation if you are buying, explain possibilities and flaws of what you are buying, all this together with local technicians who are experts in the field and in the area according to the Italian and local regulations.


The financial and fiscal aspects are very important and complicated in Italy. To make the trading as simple as possible, transparent and comprehensible we put at your disposal our trustworthy Accountant that will orient you to the best decisions.


Vesta offers you support in your own language both for your stay here and for the documents you may need to be translated.

Vesta provides interpretation and translation services for the following foreign languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Dutch.



First step to buy a property in Italy is to look for a reliable agency to trust in for a careful and fast research of a property according to your tastes.
If you are coming from an European Country you are lucky because the purchase steps are very simple:

  1. find a property you like
  2. make an offer
  3. get the fiscal code
  4. sign the final contract

If you are not coming from an European Country you will need to ask for the proper visa, which is in this case to go property-seeing, and if you are willing to get the residence in Italy, you have to ask for the residence application. (Nowadays it is possible to ask for elective residence).


if the buyer is not interested in an Italian residence, he needs a simple tourist visa, with which he can come in Italy and go property-seeing, choose one or more properties, and then sign the sales contract in front of the notary.


if the buyer applies for residence in Italy, he needs to ask for an “elective residence visa” detailing that he is going property-seeing to buy a property.
Elective residence can be applied after the preliminary agreement.As soon as the client finds a property to buy, he can:

  1. accept the selling price
  2. make an offer

Once the seller and the buyer concord on the sales price, there are 2 possibilities:

  1. they can do the preliminary contract and do the sales contract later
  2. they can go directly to the sales contract.
    *if asking for the elective residence it is better to do the preliminary contract first

The preliminary contract has to be signed by both parties, and it is the first step leading to the purchase, most of the times.
It reports all the informations and data of the property like: address, square meters, owner’s name, sale’s price and more. All these data are in the sales contract as well.

In the case the buyer prefers to sign a preliminary contract he has to pay a deposit which is usually 10-30% of the total amount and pay the remaining part at the final contract.

The purchase of a property is done in front of the notary who writes the final contract, which is then translated into buyer’s language as he has to understand what he is going to sign.

In Italy it is necessary the buyer knew Italian language to sign every documents, if he doesn’t he has to authorize a designated person with power of attorney who would sign the contract and would buy the property in his name. In this case client doesn’t even have to be present at notary act.

If the customer doesn’t finds anyone to represented before the notary,
Vesta Real Estate could have the power of attorney to sign for him.

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